Welcome to our Kennel

PresaMania was established in 2006 where our focus has ALWAYS been on keeping the Presa Canario true to its original purpose. We are the only kennel in the US that has been consistently producing working quality puppies for over 15 years and has a working guarantee on any pups sold as working potential. Our dogs excel in personal & estate protection, weight pull, agility, and show. We strive to stay as close to the standard as possible without pulling away from the true Presa temperment.

We have recently relocated to the BEAUTIFUL Texas Hill Country on 25 acres from Topeka, KS. We have combined our kennel with Akiva K9 Kennel & have merged to PresaMania Kennels LLC.


(more coming soon)


Kennels are 20x20 or 10x30.  When we are finished we will have 10+ runs that are 300 sq ft or more per dog. We will have a weight pull track, small pond, & beautiful landscaping, & more!

Puppy Barn

We have an entire area dedicated to our mothers-to-be and their puppies. It is close to the home were we have monitors on them at all times. We have a 10x16 barn that is divided into 4 runs. The mothers have access to 25 sq ft inside and 300 sq ft outside.

The property

There is 25 acres with all kinds of livestock. We raise AQHA & APHA horses, BlackBuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, & a variety of chicken breeds. 

the property

We will be updating these pictures when we finish each construction project! Here are a few current pictures of the property & our livestock.